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A challenging deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico required a durable, long-lasting reamer to enlarge the wellbore through several types of hard, abrasive formations. Additionally, a solution was needed to overcome the limitations of mechanical reamers that required a second trip to complete reaming of the rathole section.

Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), recommended the operator use the GaugePro™ Echo on-command digital reamer with StaySharp™ cutter technology, a highly reliable tool that can be placed near the bit to complete ratholes in one run. The GaugePro Echo reamer supplies unlimited activation and deactivation cycles and real-time information including blade status and position, hydraulic oil pressure, temperature and vibration. It also includes a triple failsafe system to ensure it can trip out of hole. It operates independently of pump flow rates and as many as three of these tools can be placed in the bottomhole assembly (BHA) simultaneously.

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Challenges & Results


  • Deepwater application with several types of hard, abrasive formations
  • Narrow pore pressure window and risk of casing collapse
  • Reduce reaming rathole without tripping for a dedicated hole opening assembly
  • Set casing shoe as close as possible to TD


  • Drilled 12-¼ in. pilot hole by 14-½ in. expandable concentric reamer to TD and reamed remaining rathole in one run
  • Eliminated 155 ft (47.2 m) of rathole, reducing rathole length to only 21 ft (6.4 m) without having to make a dedicated reaming trip
  • Reamed 3.5 hours at 44.3 ft/hr (13.5 m/hr)
  • Saved 36 hours of rig time equaling $2.1 million USD
  • Resulted in higher than expected formation integrity test (FIT) for a good casing run and cement job