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An operator in North Dakota’s Williston Basin was looking for ways to improve drilling efficiency. This operator had been using motors from a competitor along with a few runs using motors from Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE). BHGE proposed to the operator a trial of its new Navi-Drill™ DuraMax™ 5-1/8-in. D100-5130P motor.

The Navi-Drill DuraMax motor delivered a record-breaking performance on the first run. The lateral was drilled in 1.94 days (from drill-out to total depth), which was the fasted lateral drilling time on this rig. This was equal to a 40% time savings, and an increase of 35% in rate of penetration (ROP), compared to the average well drilled on this rig.

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Challenges & Results


  • Competitive motor already in use
  • Long lateral
  • Time constraints


  • Saved five drilling days
  • Reduced drilling time by 40%
  • Improved ROP by 35%