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An operator in Vietnam was performing a workover on an offshore well. The company was unable to retrieve the old completion string in the well and contacted Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), to cut the stuck 4-½ in. tubing string in order to proceed with the job.

Ninety minutes after the call, the BHGE wireline crew loaded its Mechanical Pipe Cutter™ (MPC™) tool onto a helicopter and took off for the rig. The MPC is fully transportable by helicopter because it is compact, light-weight, and operates without using any hazardous materials such as explosives.

BHGE made a free point indicator (FPI) run to locate the stuck point. The FPI used an electro-mechanical assembly to identify the deepest free point. Before running the MPC, the tubing string was over-pulled from the surface with a force of 20 klb. During the MPC operation, the entire cutting process was controlled from the surface by a wireline engineer.

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Challenges & Results


  • Stuck completion string
  • Cut needed quickly to avoid delay costs


  • MPC made successful cut on first attempt in less than one hour
  • Two days of rig time saved
  • No explosives resulted in a safer, cleaner job