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A customer performing plug-and-perf completions in the Eagle Ford Shale was looking for a plug option that would improve operational efficiency through faster milling and easier plug debris removal.

They chose to run the new MILLITE™ lightweight frac plug from Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE). The MILLITE plug is built completely out of a robust, engineered alloy material that is 70% lighter than conventional composite plugs. It also generates fewer,smaller cuttings with less total volume of debris per plug. And, unlike traditional composite plugs, the MILLITE plug’s design uses proven friction slips−versus heavy cast iron slips or ceramic buttons−to keep it firmly in the casing. This makes the plug wear- and preset-resistant, virtually eliminating risks during run-in.

The customer’s well had a measured depth of 6,900 ft (2,103 m) and a lateral section measuring 10,782 ft (3,286 m). The completion plan called for a total of 35 MILLITE plugs. The plugs were set and clear pressure signatures were observed as balls were landed on the plugs at 20 bbl/min, confirming the plugs remained anchored in place during treatment diversion.

After fracturing operations were complete, a milling bottomhole assembly was deployed and all of the plugs were milled with zero motor stalls or short trips, reducing intervention time and eliminating coiled tubing (CT) cycling costs. A BHGE Vanguard™ plug bit was used to drill the plugs and demonstrated excellent milling performance.

Download the PDF to read the full case study.

Challenges & Results


  • Customer wanted an economical plug option that offered easy, complete debris removal for a clear wellbore


  • Improved debris removal
  • Experienced zero motor stalls
  • Required zero short trips
  • Minimized intervention time
  • Enabled fast frac ball pump-down operations (landed balls at 20 bbl/min)