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An operator in the Rio Viejo field in California had an oil well that was underperforming. The company was concerned that the reduced production was due to near-wellbore emulsion blockage induced by wellbore fluids during workover operations.

A pressure build-up (PBU) analysis identified positive skin damage of +22 S. An initial PBU analysis conducted prior to the workover operation had showed skin damage of only +2 S. The company confirmed the damage was due to a wettability issue and/or emulsion blockage caused by the previous workover operation.

The distributor in charge of the project proposed the MICRO-CURE™ E2 remediation system from Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), to remove the emulsion/water blockage, convert the completion to a water wet environment, and solubilize any calcium carbonate deposits that might be present.

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Challenges & Results


  • Underperforming gas well due to potential emulsion blockage
  • Skin damage from workover job


  • Restored production and prolonged economic life of well
  • Production increased by 71% for oil and 97% for gas
  • Estimated cost of well treatment paid off in 8 days