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An operator was performing a plug and abandonment operation on one of their wells in the North Sea. The well conditions did not allow for the casing to be milled out due to the high equivalent circulating density (ECD), so they reached out to Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), for a solution to efficiently cut and pull 1,143.6 ft (348.57 m) of 133/8-in., 72 lb/ft. P-110 casing.

BHGE proposed the 11¾-in. HERCULES™ multistring cutter—a hydraulicallyactivated, solid-body tool used to cut through multiple large-diameter strings quickly and reliably. Each of the three knives were dressed with METAL MUNCHER™ advanced milling technology (AMT) inserts. The AMT cutting inserts had shown excellent performance in recent jobs, with minimal wear after cutting through hard steel, similar to the casing for this operation. Their reinforced edges resist chipping and feature high-performance carbide chemistry with a strong bonding surface that enables faster cutting.

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Challenges & Results


  • Customer required efficient cut and pull operations due to well control conditions not permitting milling
  • Make 24 cuts with no miss runs
  • Pull 24 casing sections with no miss runs


  • Cut 13⅜-in. casing 17 times in a single trip
  • Performed average cut time of 12 minutes
  • Showed minimal wear on AMT knives