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An operator working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf was performing a well abandonment operation and needed to remove 9-5⁄8-in. casing that was stuck in the wellbore due to the presence of barite and cement. The operator wanted to avoid the excess time and costs associated with conventional cut and pull operations—which typically require multiple trips to retrieve casing down to desired depth—so they reached out to Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), for a solution.

BHGE recommended the MASTODON™ hydraulic pulling tool, which is capable of pulling stuck casing from a cased wellbore using hydraulic pump pressure. The tool anchors in the casing, exerts a pulling force on the fish below, and transmits force to the casing rather than the surface equipment. This approach helps reduce the number of trips downhole, saving the operator time and money.

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Challenges & Results


  • Well abandonment operation
  • Retrieval of 9-5⁄8-in. casing with settled barite and cement behind casing


  • Successfully retrieved 300 ft of stuck casing
  • Avoided 300 ft of casing milling and swarf handling equipment
  • Eliminated multiple downhole trips compared to conventional cut and pull operations
  • Saved the operator three days of milling time and more than $1.5 million USD