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A mature water flood in central Oklahoma began experiencing severe microbial-induced corrosion (MIC) related failures in the separation equipment on the surface as well downhole in the producing wells. These failures occurred after bringing four producers back on line that had been shut in for more than 10 years.

Unique, fast-acting biocide solution

For remediation of bacterial-related failures such as these, biocide programs need to be versatile and effective for targeting persistent populations of bacteria that often show little response to conventional biocides.

Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) recommended MAGNACIDE™ B microbiocide, a unique, fast-acting biocide that has proven to be more cost effective than conventional biocides due to its reactivity and broad spectrum properties. Its molecular structure confers both oil and water solubility properties, and has the ability to scavenge H2S and dissolve iron sulfide that can harbor microorganisms. In this field, 11 wells (all of which utilized electrical submersible pumping [ESP] systems) produced 200 BOPD and 29,500 BWPD. BHGE’s initial treatment used MAGNACIDE B batch treatments at the header upstream of the free water knock out to mitigate bacteria throughout the surface equipment. In addition, the wells were batch treated with glutaraldehyde.

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Challenges & Results


  • Production wells brought back on line after shut-in had severe MIC failures downhole and in the separation equipment
  • Limited experience with this type of application in producing wells that use ESP systems for circulation of the chemical


  • Eliminated severe MIC failures, both downhole in production wells and in surface separation equipment
  • Eliminated failure-related down time, and production resumed uninterrupted
  • Reduced bacteria from 10 APB and 10 SRB per mL to below detectible limits after treatments
  • Reduced monthly biocide costs 48%
  • Improved bubble tower H2S scavenger life by 20%