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An offshore operator in Qatar needed to drill float equipment in the aluminum casing of a development well. Previous attempts had resulted in high cost, low ROP, and excessive bit wear. They asked Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), to complete the job. 

The BHGE team noted that the operator was spending almost 18 hours to trip in, trip out, and drill the section, with five to nine hours spent on the float equipment alone. The team planned to drill the float and cement in four hours, which would be approximately 50% less time than previous runs. They had also planned to drill the 4,000-ft (1,219 m) section with the same or better ROP as achieved previously.

The BHGE team proposed a 12-¼-in. Kymera™ Mach hybrid drill bit, specifically designed to drill exceptionally hard materials. A BHGE Vanguard™ premium tricone drill bit was used to drillout of the rotating plug.

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Challenges & Results


  • Drill float equipment in aluminum casing
  • Previous issues of high cost, low ROP, and excessive bit wear
  • Drill the float and cement in less than four hours


  • Drilled float equipment in less than three hours
  • 85% improvement in ROP
  • Avoided clean-out trip and saved $95,000 USD