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Operators in the Northern U.S. store natural gas for future use in underground gas storage (UGS) wells. Evaluating the casing cement for zonal isolation in these wells has proved to be costly because of the time and resource-intensive nature of the operation.

Conventional cement evaluation services require operators to relieve stored gas pressure, kill the well, and fill the wellbore with liquid to get effective cement evaluation data. In order to minimize losses, operators wait until the well pressure is lower than the well discovery pressure, but this condition typically occurs only once a year, significantly limiting the time when cement evaluation in these wells is possible. To reduce operational cost, safety, and environmental implications, operators need the ability to log these UGS wells at any time.

To address this issue, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), deployed the Integrity eXplorer™ cement evaluation service in two of the gas-filled wells. The wireline logging service was run under pressure of the wellhead.

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Challenges & Results


  • Evaluate cement in the absence of borehole fluids to determine zonal isolation


  • Evaluated cement in gas-filled wellbore
  • Eliminated the need for additional operational and remedial services related to cement evaluation
  • Helped operator determine long-term zonal isolation
  • Saved rig time