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A pipeline operator in the mid-continent region of the United States needed a surface pumping system to increase capacity in a 97-mile pipeline. The pipeline volume was 7,250 BOPD with discharge pressure of 1,460 psi.

Key issues for pump selection included lead times, maintenance expense, and the ability to control the speed of the pump using a variable speed drive (VSD). The operator also planned to use a SCADA system for remote monitoring.

The customer opted for a 44-stage HC7800 HPump™ horizontal surface pumping system with a 350-hp motor and a 325-kVA Electrospeed™ VSD to control the pump speed.

In addition to significant equipment savings, the HPump system has fewer moving parts—resulting in less maintenance and downtime compared to positive displacement (PD) pumps.

While PD pumps are common in surface fluid transfer, they have long delivery times. This operator needed to increase capacity as soon as possible. The shorter lead time of the HPump system enabled the operator to capture $1.2 million USD in revenue it would have missed waiting on a PD pump.

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