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An oil and gas producer in Alberta, Canada, required a surface pump to re-inject produced water. The disposal volume was 2,400 BFPD at 1,100 psi discharge. A competitor’s pump failed after only 30 days, caused by fluid starvation and accelerated pump wear. Key issues for pump selection were abrasion resistance, maintenance expense, and the ability to control the speed of the pump using a variable speed drive (VSD).

The operator chose a 450-hp HPump™ horizontal surface pumping system, from Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), capable of flow rates up to 24,000 BFPD and an Electrospeed™ VSD to control the pump speed based on tank level.

Since the pump was controlled off tank level, this allowed the operator more flexibility and increased uptime. With changing site conditions and varying amounts of produced fluid, a signal from the tank notified the VSD to increase or decrease the frequency based on the amount of fluid in the tank. This kept the pump within its operating range and eliminated cavitation.

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Challenges & Results


  • Operator needed a surface pump to re-inject produced water
  • A competitor’s pump failed after 30 days due to fluid compatibility issues and accelerated pump wear
  • Key issues in pump selection included: abrasion resistance, maintenance cost, and the ability to control the pump’s speed with a VSD


  • HPump system achieved more than 1,460-day run life vs. less than 30-day run life for competitor’s system
  • BHGE VSD maintained tank levels for HPump system and provided significant power savings