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Deepwater, multizone completions require complicated downhole equipment. Downhole tools must be shifted to open and close individual zones as needed. If a tool fails to open or close a zone, the operator may lose the entire production potential from that zone. The worst-case scenario is loss of an entire well. A common cause of downhole tool failure is solid debris that becomes lodged inside it. Debris management becomes a critical part of drilling operations

An operator was completing a multizone job offshore in deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The directional well had a water depth of 7,000 ft (2,133 m) and a total depth of 24,485 ft (7,463 m). The operator needed to remove as much debris as possible, protect downhole equipment, optimize flow rates, and mitigate nonproductive time (NPT).

Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), recommended the High-Pressure Debris Filtration Unit™ (HPDU). The HPDU unit is the last line of defense from solids entering the wellbore. Used with diatomaceous earth (DE) and cartridge filtration, the system removes small or large solids from pits, valves, pumps, and other equipment before they enter the wellbore. The HPDU unit connects directly to the rig standpipe downstream of rig tanks and high-pressure pumps. It is ideal for both land and offshore, and can operate in 10,000-psi (690-bar) environments. In deepwater operations, an additional filter can be connected to the boost line to remove debris before it enters through the flow path.

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Challenges & Results


  • Wellbore clogged by downhole debris
  • Downhole solids-sensitive tools needed protection
  • Optimal flow rates needed to be maintained, with no shut down
  • Nonproductive time (NPT) had to be mitigated


  • Removed 100.5 lb of solid debris
  • Maintained and protected downhole tools
  • Optimized required flow rates, without shut down
  • Eliminated NPT