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An offshore well operator in the Norwegian Sea needed to remove the top section of casing to make way for a planned openhole sidetracking operation in a deviated well. The operator and the Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), wellbore intervention team agreed to use our newly introduced Harpoon™ cut and pull spear to efficiently remove a string of 95 /8-in. 53.5 lb/ft casing to perform a slot recovery operation.

This versatile spear can be set and reset several times through simple mechanical manipulation, enabling multiple cut and pull attempts in a single trip for reduced non-productive time (NPT).

Once on site, the BHGE team ran the Harpoon spear to the desired depth of 4,017 ft (1,225 m) in a bottomhole assembly (BHA) comprised of a multistring cutter and the Harpoon spear. The cutting assembly does not require a stop ring, enabling the BHA to be positioned deep in the casing, just above the cut point. Rotation and upward movement were applied to activate the FLEX-LOCK™ slips, which engage the casing inside diameter (ID) uniformly to prevent casing deformation. Rotation was stopped when overpull was recorded and the force of the overpull energized the packing element stack, eliminating HSE concerns inherent to chemical and explosive setting and cutting techniques.

Download the PDF to read the full case study.

Challenges & Results


  • Offshore, deviated well with settled barite and solids
  • Slot recovery operation


  • Minimized NPT by reducing a two run operation to a single trip
  • Saved 19.5 hours rig time and an estimated $650,000 USD