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An operator offshore in Vietnam needed to set a liner in a challenging slim hole without compromising the drilling operation.

Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE), was called on to open the 6-in. hole to 7-in., perform a sidetrack, set a 5-in. liner, and drill and ream a long lateral, all in one run. The operation had to be performed before the operator could resume production on the well, so time was critical.

The BHGE team implemented a bottom hole assembly (BHA) consisting of the BHGE GaugePro™ Echo digital reamer, BHGE AutoTrak™ rotary steerable system, and the BHGE OnTrak™ resistivity Gamma Ray imaging service. The GaugePro Echo reamer was digitally activated via downlink, and under reaming commenced. Throughout the under-reaming operation, tool performance and confirmation of the enlargement diameter was monitored in real time.

The GaugePro Echo Series 6 cut and reamed a total of 6,070 ft (1.15 mi or 1,850 m) with a 2.8° dogleg, using the rotary steerable AutoTrak system. The entire operation was performed smoothly in one run, with a ROP of 94-131 ft (30-40 m) per hour. No specification vibration was recorded and the 5-in. liner was set with no issues. This was the first time BHGE had deployed its GaugePro Echo in the Asia Pacific area.

Download the PDF to read the full case study.

Challenges & Results


  • Slim hole well with 2.8° dogleg
  • Liner to be set with no operational disruption
  • Short time frame due to halted production


  • Well opened successfully and liner set with no issues
  • Cut and reamed a total of 6,070 ft in one run
  • Saved production and several days of time
  • Avoided operational risks