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Cuu Long Joint Operating company, a major operator in Vietnam, needed to determine the current formation pressure regime in a depleted clastic reservoir. The pressure data would be important information for updating the dynamic model and managing the offshore reservoir.

The major challenge to obtaining the necessary data was the formation’s low mobility. The operator had tried traditional formation testers, but they had failed to deliver the required information.

Other challenges included acquiring the pressure data with minimal time on wall, avoiding packer seal loss, and perfroming the pressure testing in high overbalance conditions with lost circulation material (LCM) in the well.

Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), deployed its Formation Test eXplorerTM (FTeX™) automated formation pressure testing service with a standard FTeX packer to achieve the customer’s objectives. This would be the first application of the FTeX service in the Asia Pacific region.

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Challenges & Results


  • Obtain accurate pressure data from a formation with variable permeability and high overbalance pressure
  • Validate the pressure profile
  • Mitigate tool storage effects in the low mobility environment
  • Determine correct mobility


  • Saved rig time by acquiring accurate pressure data from 29 tests in less than one-third of the time taken by traditional formation testers
  • Obtained pressure data in varied mobility environment
  • Recorded stable pressure measurement at 0.03 mD/cP within 15 minutes, at 0.5 psi/minute pressure stability
  • Achieved drawdown rates as low as 0.004 cc/sec