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An operator in East Texas had a well that experienced frequent electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system shutdowns, sometimes multiple times a day, as a result of gas slugs and elevated bottomhole temperatures. Gas/oil ratios (GOR) and water cut varied daily, which led to downthrust issues and poor reliability rates.

The operator approached Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), for an ESP system solution to increase reliability and handle flexible flow rates with frequent gas slugs. BHGE installed a CENesis™ ESP system with FLEXPumpER™ technology, WellLIFT™ H sensor, MVP™ gas handling pump, Electrospeed Advantage™ variable speed drive, and vortex gas separator. Production rates began at 2,000 BFPD with 60% water cut. Reliable operations continued even when production dropped as low as 800 B/D. The ESP system maintained operations and provided superior downthrust-handling capabilities. Gas averaged 650 MCF with some significant slugging but operations continued. WellLIFT H sensor monitored discharge pressure as dynamic reservoir conditions changed frequently.

The CENesis ESP system with FLEXPumpER technology maintained steady drawdown while running at a slow speed of 46 Hz. Production averaged 1,034 BFPD, which represented a 20% production increase over the previous ESP system. 

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Challenges & Results


  • Well’s water cut and GOR fluctuated from day to day and caused problems related to downthrust
  • Operator’s ESP system had frequent shutdowns, sometimes multiple times a day, due to gas-related and heat-related issues
  • Density of well fluid changed frequently in this dynamic reservoir


  • FLEXPumpER technology maintained 800 B/D at 50% water cut
  • ESP system handled average of almost 1,000 Mcf/d with significant gas slugging
  • Production increased from an average of 860 BFPD to 1,034 BFPD or 20% with new pump technology
  • ESP system handled varying flow rates and gas-related issues including gas slugs