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In a down market for oil prices, operators need to cut costs at all levels of business. In fields where electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems are used to lift oil and gas to the surface, improving pump efficiency to reduce power consumption is a major way that operators can cut costs.

An operator in California wanted to lower operational costs in one of its producer wells where an older Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), ESP system using a GC2900 pump had been installed years prior. The operator contacted BHGE, who suggested implementing its new higher-efficiency FLEXPump™ series pumping system.

The operator replaced the GC2900 pump with a high-performance FLEX17.5 mixedflow pump, downhole monitoring system, and Electrospeed™ variable speed drive (VSD). The pump’s improved hydraulic design, which increases total system efficiency, increased ESP system uptime while lowering power costs. The VSD enabled the continuous monitoring of power usage. In order to compare equipment performance from the previous install to the FLEXPump install, it was key that the operational parameters such as pump intake pressure, production gross, and operational modes stayed consistent. The operator monitored the power consumption results closely and found ~36% reduction in power usage compared to the previous install.

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Challenges & Results


  • Reduce power consumption while maintaining the same production quantity


  • Power consumption after the new ESP system installation was reduced by 36% compared to the previous system
  • Operating costs resulting from reduced power consumption were lowered by $64,000 USD per year