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An international operator in the southwest area of the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) required a very long section of core samples to evaluate resource potential. The Coring Services team from Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), was engaged to plan the job and obtain the required samples.

BHGE Coring Services from GoM and Latin America-Mexico collaborated to deliver an integrated solution to meet the customer’s requirement. The BHGE HT30™ Max core barrel system fit the need for large diameter core samples and long core barrel assemblies. The BHGE team completed the job in five runs. The first two runs used the HT30 Max and the BHGE HydroLift™ full-closure catcher coring system. The HydroLift technology efficiently recovers high quality, intact core samples in soft, loose, or unconsolidated formations. The formation was determined to be strong and competent for runs three through five. The BHGE team selected the HT30 Max with the BHGE JamBuster™ jam mitigation coring system, to mitigate potential jams and enable longer runs. The BHGE Talon™ high-efficiency PDC core bit was used for all runs to provide smooth and stable cutting and preserve core integrity. This was the first application of the HydroLift system with the HT30 Max platform.

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Challenges & Results


  • Unconsolidated formation
  • Very long section of core samples
  • High potential for jamming


  • Obtained required large diameter samples with recovery rate of 97.6%
  • Preserved core integrity
  • Mitigated potential jams
  • Saved six days of rig time