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Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), was approached by an international oil company (IOC) operating in Qatar to improve offshore coring service efficiency. The goal was to reduce the number of required core runs without compromising quality.

To meet the IOC’s needs, BHGE recommended the HT30™ Max core barrel system. The system is optimized for coring in 8½ in. holes, allowing longer core barrels to be run while minimizing the number of required trips.

The HT30 Max can be combined with the JamBuster™ core jam mitigation system while delivering a 4 in. core. Using the JamBuster increases the chance of long core barrel runs. The Talon™ Core coring bit was also used for increased bit stability and improved cutting efficiency.

Download the PDF to read the full case study.

Challenges & Results


  • Acquire the core in as few runs as possible
  • 4 in. core required in combination with JamBuster technology in 8½ in. hole section
  • Limestone interbedded with anhydrite


  • Recovered 270 ft (82 m) of core in one run
  • 100% core recovery
  • 100% barrel efficiency
  • Provided excellent core quality
  • Improved ROP 150%
  • Saved an additional core run through longer barrel setup
  • Saved 1.5 days rig time