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The FASTrak™ LWD fluid analysis sampling and testing service continues to provide customers with answers about their reservoir. The service determined the presence of moveable fluids in a reservoir for a horizontal development well in Norway.

Initial pressure tests detected very low mobility measurements ranging between 0.3 mD/cP to 3.4 mD/cP. The challenge with a sampling and testing operation in these conditions is that the pump-out rate during clean up can be extremely low, taking many hours. This can lead to stress on downhole pumps and increase the risk of differential sticking.

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Challenges & Results


  • Horizontal development well located offshore Norway
  • Initial pressure tests measured mobility at 0.3 mD/cP to 3.4 mD/cP
  • Increased the risk of differential sticking due to low mobility pump-out rates during cleanup and sampling
  • High risk of differential sticking for wireline sampling tools


  • Verified the presence of moveable fluids in a horizontal well
  • Obtained samples and pressures in an environment unfeasible with wireline tools
  • Increased reliability during extended pump-out cycles