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A major operator needed to acquire high-quality, single-phase samples from an offshore reservoir in West Africa. The operator needed to establish the fluid properties and pressure data from the reservoir where sampling had not previously been performed.

To address the operator’s needs, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), recommended the FASTrak™ HD loggingwhile- drilling fluid analysis, sampling, and testing service.

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Challenges & Results


  • Obtain pressure tests and fluid samples in the 12-¼ in. x 13-½ in. borehole with the 6-¾ in. FASTrak HD tool designed for 8 in. to 9-½ in. diameter boreholes
  • Safely deploy 6-¾ in. FASTrak HD tool in the 8-¼ in. or 9-½ in. BHA without introducing harmful vibrations and other mechanical problems that could result in equipment failures
  • Eliminate rig time and deployment risks associated with pipeconveyed wireline sampling in a high-angle well


  • Performed successful large-hole sampling and pressure test in a single run while drilling in 12-¼ in. x 13-½ in. borehole
  • Saved the operator 24 hours of rig time by eliminating the need for pipe-conveyed run with wireline sampling tool
  • Eliminated deployment risks of pipe-conveyed wireline testing and sampling the high-angle well