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An operator deployed the FASTrak™ fluid analysis, sampling, and testing service on two complex J-profile wells in the Thai Binh marginal field in the Song Hong basin, Vietnam. This maiden run of the new technology proved highly successful by efficiently acquiring reservoir gas samples in a challenging environment.

The FASTrak service combines three distinct functions while drilling—accurate real-time formation pressure, real-time in-situ measurements of reservoir fluid properties, and downhole capture and retrieval of representative formation fluid samples.

The Middle and Lower Miocene sands of the Song Hong basin reservoirs have a history of stuck tools, along with high overbalance that meant deeper invasion, therefore longer clean-up time required for sampling. To add to the complexity, the wells were drilled with conventional mud motors, hence the borehole quality was impacted.

Despite these challenges and constraints, it was important to operator that the fluid sampling objective be accomplished with minimal risk to the wellbore and without significant delays to well completion, in the event the primary sampling strategy did not deliver the objective.

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Challenges & Results


  • Obtain pressure tests in 8½-in. section that presented high chance for stuck tools


  • Performed 49 depth-station pressure tests