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A US refiner used a pipeline to distribute diesel fuel to the northern, Midwestern states. The fuel was contaminated and the fuel’s end users had problems with it plugging up the fuel filters in their trucks.

The refinery recalled the contaminated fuel and transported it back to a centralized tank at a remote terminal. The collection and storage process allowed a significant amount of water to be collected with the fuel, creating an emulsion in the central storage tank that could not be broken using specialty dehazers.

After several months of storing the fuel and attempting to correct the fuel specifications with other technologies, the refinery contacted Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) for help. BHGE set up operations at the remote facility. Using multiple, mobile filtration units with specialized filtration media, BHGE deployed EXALT™ filtration services to filter and clean the fuel until it met final specifications for high-quality, ultralowsulfur diesel fuel.

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Challenges & Results


  • Contaminated fuel
  • Water in fuel
  • Hard to break emulsion
  • Clean fuel


  • Filtered contaminated fuel to specification for ultralow sulfur diesel fuel
  • Saved customer more than $500,000 USD