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A customer with three adjacent producer wells in the Campos basin was experiencing uneven reservoir drainage and water breakthrough was imminent. Looking to manage reservoir pressure and to improve sweep efficiency and recovery, the customer contacted Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) about implementing an effective water injection program.

Although bullheading is a common approach, simply pumping fluids across a wellbore allows them to take the path of least resistance, often resulting in uneven injection. Natural reservoir pressures and formation characteristics can also contribute to uneven injection, ultimately causing water channeling and/or accelerated water breakthrough.

To overcome these challenges, BHGE recommended installing EQUALIZER HELIX™ passive inflow and injection control devices (ICDs) to create a uniform injection profile across the well. The ICDs feature helical flow channels that generate a pressure drop based on surface friction levels to balance inflow or injection from heel to toe. Often used in high-rate producer wells to delay water breakthrough and improve production, EQUALIZER HELIX ICDs can also be used to equalize injection, and in the case of this application, evenly distribute acid treatments as well.

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Challenges & Results


  • Managing reservoir pressure and sweep efficiency to improve drainage in three adjacent producer wells
  • Avoiding water channeling and preventing water breakthrough
  • Implementing an effective injection program across a horizontal wellbore


  • Created a uniform injection profile that enabled a more effective reservoir pressure management program
  • Boosted production and lowered water cut in adjacent producer wells
  • Increased injectivity index through improved filter cake removal
  • Delayed water breakthrough
  • Reduced water handling costs