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An operator drilling the upper Meramec formation in Blaine County, Oklahoma was having trouble completing the 8 3/4 in. lateral in one run. The lateral formation consists of interbedded siltstone and limestone rock with numerous zones, and the operator also frequently encountered high-strength stringers as well as chert and dolomite. Crossing these zones commonly caused vibrations and bit-damage. Additionally, previous runs demonstrated that even small amounts of wear on the cutting structure of the bit could lead to dramatic decreases in drilling speed, often prompting the operator to trip out for a replacement bit.

Believing it was possible to drill the entire lateral in one run and with increased speed, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), recommended the Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit. The Dynamus bit is engineered to be highly robust, enabling operators to drill further and faster in challenging applications by preventing the damage and dysfunctions that these applications typically cause.

The bit was outfitted with StayCool™ 2.0 multidimensional cutters to reduce wear-rate and cracking tendencies and increase drilling efficiency. The innovative geometry on the face of the StayCool 2.0 cutters reduces the temperature at the working surface, preserving cutter life and enabling longer runs at higher ROPs.

Download the PDF to read the full case study.

Challenges & Results


  • Complete long, challenging, interbedded lateral in one trip
  • Minimize damage through hard, interbedded formations
  • Prevent small wear-flats that cause large degradation in ROP


  • Set a new drilling speed record by improving ROP by 95%
  • Completed 10,500 ft lateral in one trip
  • Increased footage by 27%
  • Saved 2.3 days of drilling time