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Canyon Creek Energy was performing plugand- perf completions on a low-temperature, low-pressure workover well in Coal County, Oklahoma. The well had significant lift issues, and they were looking for efficient plug options that would easily circulate up and out of the well, without short trips.

Canyon Creek chose to run a combination of MILLITE™ lightweight frac plugs and SPECTRE™ low temperature disintegrating frac plugs from Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE). Unlike conventional plugs that contain hard, heavy components such as cast iron slips and ceramic buttons, MILLITE and SPECTRE plugs are built completely out of a robust, engineered alloy material that is 70% lighter than conventional composite plugs. MILLITE plugs also generate fewer, smaller cuttings with less total volume of debris per plug. Since the customer’s well had bottomhole temperatures as low as 150º F (66º C), SPECTRE plugs were selected, as they react based on temperature and salinity, and completely disintegrate downhole after fracturing –even in low temperature environments. Both MILLITE and SPECTRE plugs also offer a wear and impact resistant bottom sub that transfers impact resistance up through the tool, instead of to the slips or elastomer, making them virtually impossible to preset, even through tricky dogleg angles and extended laterals.

Download the PDF to read the full case study.

Challenges & Results


  • Low-temperature, low-pressure well
  • Customer was looking for a frac plug that would circulate out of the well easily


  • Milled out 16 MILLITE lightweight frac plugs with zero motor stalls
  • Tagged zero SPECTRE low-temperature disintegrating frac plugs after one week
  • Averaged less than six minutes drillout time per plug
  • Returned to production in 48 hours
  • Can omit short trips on future jobs, saving six hours per well in drillout times