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An operator in the Gulf of Mexico was working on an exploration well. Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) had been awarded an integrated operations contract to drill and complete deepwater and ultra-deepwater wells for this operator; however, this would be the first BHGE well to be drilled at such water depth in the area (>9,800 ft, or 2,987 m). Additional challenges facing the team included requirements to directionally drill and simultaneously ream through low-mechanical-strength interbedded formations (<2,000 psi unconfined compressive strength, or UCS), avoid contingency casings, and provide accurate and early detection of the coring point.

In order to ensure that all customer requirements were met, the BHGE team developed a detailed, tailored proposal using several BHGE services. These included:

  • Navi-Drill™ X-treme™ high-performance drill mud motor (12-3/4-in.)
  • AutoTrak™ G3 integrated rotary steerable drilling system
  • CoPilot™ real-time drilling optimization service
  • GaugePro™ expandable hydraulic under-reamer
  • GaugePro Echo on-command digital reamer
  • SoundTrak™ acoustic imaging service
  • ZoneTrak™ R at-bit resistivity service
  • AccuFit™ service
  • HT60 Core Barrel System with 12-1/4-in. BHC407 PDC core bit
  • JamBuster™ anti-jamming coring system

Download the PDF to read the full case study.

Challenges & Results


  • Ultra-deepwater well
  • Requirement to directionally drill and simultaneously ream through interbedded formations
  • Contingency casings


  • Acquired 60 ft of high-quality core samples with 100% recovery
  • Saved 12 days and $6 million USD
  • Eliminated non-productive time