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On May 22nd, I shared the organization design for our new company with you. Last week, EC approvals were obtained, an important step moving us closer towards operating as Baker Hughes, a GE company. To further build upon this, I am pleased to share with you further information about the organization design by announcing the leadership team of the new company. These leaders will be in place from Day 1, the first day of operations as Baker Hughes, a GE company. As is to be expected in any integration of this scale, it is important that we allow time for these individuals to get to know their teams and establish a thorough understanding of their role in this new context. Please be assured that the appropriate processes and resources will be made available to all as we take this next step towards integration. Also if any of the organization structure changes require prior information or consultation with employee representative bodies in accordance with local law, no such changes will be finalized or implemented until the relevant process has been completed.

A look inside: Baker Hughes, a GE Company

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I am excited about the future of our new company, and the leaders announced today are some of the best in the industry, who will guide and support the organization as we move forward.

I would like to also take this opportunity to recognize the hard work of the members of the current leadership teams at GE Oil & Gas and Baker Hughes respectively. I am extremely grateful to them for their continued support and dedication towards making this integration planning process a success, and for their contributions towards the achievements of both companies to date.

I continue to recognize that this is a time of enthusiasm, curiosity and uncertainty. We have a plan in place to provide you with more information as soon as we are able. I ask that you continue to stay focused on our customers and delivering what is needed for both businesses this quarter.