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BHGE Ariba Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Ariba Network Hot Issues and FAQs link https://connect.ariba.com/anfaq.htm

Customer Invoicing Rules https://knowledge.ariba.com/item/view/142286

How do I edit and resubmit a failed or rejected invoice? https://knowledge.ariba.com/item/view/134103

How do I contact my customer Via Ariba? https://knowledge.ariba.com/item/view/106682

How do I cancel or delete an invoice? https://knowledge.ariba.com/item/view/82329

You've submitted an invoice. Now what? https://knowledge.ariba.com/item/view/157914

How do I edit and resubmit an invoice that I've sent? https://knowledge.ariba.com/item/view/134103


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BHGE Ariba Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)