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BB5 DDHM High-Pressure Diffuser Barrel Multistage Pumps

BB5 DDHM High-Pressure Diffuser Barrel Multistage Pumps

Proven multi-stage, diffuser barrel design that delivers high reliability, efficiency and flexibility in demanding onshore and offshore water injection applications.

Featuring low vibration, optimized hydraulic design and easy maintenance.

  • DDHF/Ms have been designed to fit the requirements for onshore and offshore water injection applications. The design is an improvement of that previously referenced as DDM and includes some features of a pump designed and tested by Nuovo Pignone for water injection in direct connection with a gas turbine running at 10000 rpm. The other services that can employ DDHF/Ms are: boiler feedwater, pipeline, amine, energy recovery and CO2 injection. One of the main requirement for the pumps selected for high pressure water injection is the reliability and many design features have been introduced to address this essential need.  BHGE Nuovo Pignone, during the selection process, can perform the optimization of the complete system conforming to the objectives of the specific customer for example in terms of CAPEX, OPEX and operability. One of the main accessories that need to be selected are the booster pumps.  The selection of both main and booster pumps is performed jointly to obtain the best combination.

    Evolved from our proven DDM diffuser design and DDHF impeller families, DDHM pumps provide ultra reliability in the most demanding onshore and offshore water-injection applications — designed and fully tested for direct connection with a gas turbine running at 10,000 rpm. They are also very well suited for boiler feed water, oil gathering, amine charge, and CO2 injection.

    The DDHM features a continuously bladed diffuser-return channel to maximize flow range with high efficiency, while the discharge channel (downstream of last stage) minimizes hydraulic losses and increases efficiency. Leveraging our BCL compressors design, DDHM has internal and external roller elements for very smooth and quick replacement. Several customization options are available, including: alternative orientations of inlet and outlet nozzles, flanged and bolted barrel cover to increase operating temperature, and base-plate-integrated lube oil console to minimize footprint. 


    Initial engineering and feasibility studies 
    During the selection process, we can tailor the complete system to your project’s specific cost and operability requirements — including precise matching of the main and booster pumps as a crucial step to optimize performance. 

    We also provide full on-site support during installation and commissioning to ensure flawless execution and timely completion.

    Conversion, modifications and uprates 
    We provide expert in-field maintenance and repair services, including continuous lifecycle improvements. Popular options include: modifying impellers and/or diffuser to match actual operating conditions; destaging; upgrading wear rings with new composites to reduce internal leakage and increase efficiency; and super-finishing internal wetted surfaces to increase efficiency.

    Remote performance enhancement
    Advanced remote monitoring and diagnostic services are available to improve operating efficiency and avoid unplanned downtime.

    Technical Specifications


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