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BB4 DDHF/R Radially-Split Ring Section Diffuser Pumps

BB4 DDHF/R Radially-Split Ring Section Diffuser Pumps

Multistage Centrifugal Pumps (BB4)

DDHF-R pumps has been designed to fit the requirements for several services like boiler feed in power generation plants, pipeline, reverse osmosis, energy recovery and CO2 injection.

Radially Split Multistage Centrifugal Pumps (BB4) Ring Section

  • BHGE is a leading global supplier with a large portfolio of products and competences. Pumps manufacturing started in 1959 with the brand of Nuovo Pignone under UCP license. Throughout the years the pump designs have been improved based on our experience with rotating machinery (Nuovo Pignone compressors and  gas turbines). With over 18.000 pumps installed worldwide, compliant with API610/ISO13709 and ISO9905 specification, the Nuovo Pignone centrifugal pumps center of excellence is located in Bari (Italy), with main testing facilities, and a model test laboratory to accurately characterize new hydraulics. The design and production is certified ISO9001 and ISO/TS29001. BHGE capability goes from conceptual design to field installation of complete pumping systems, including drivers like EM, GT, ST, gas engines, and the controls and all the auxiliary systems.

    BHGE can provide support during the initial engineering phases with feasibility studies of special purpose pumps or complete pumping systems. Full onsite support during installation and commisioning is available to guarantee flawless execution, quick response trough ownership of results. A remote monitoring and diagnostic service is also available.

    Once the systems are installed BHGE can support the continuous improvement of the operability with conversion, modifications and upgrades:

    - Modification to the impellers or replacent of the diffuser to match actual operating conditions. Destaging.

    - Upgrade of the wear rings with new ones made of composite materials to reduce the internal leakages and increase the efficiency in case of clean fluids.

    - Superfinishing of internal wetted surfaces to increase efficiency.


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