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BB1 DVS DVE BF Pipeline Pump

BB1 DVS DVE BF Pipeline Pump

Advanced, heavy-duty design for higher performance and lower environmental impact in pipeline applications.

High-efficiency pump reduces operating costs and emissions.

  • Our DVS centrifugal pump was redesigned in 2010 to deliver 3-4% higher efficiency and a flow rate of up to 10,000 m3 per hour. Most commonly coupled to an electric motor, the DVS significantly reduces electricity costs and CO2 emissions from power generation. These robust units provide the pumping power needed for economical production and transportation of heavy oil and bitumen, which have particularly challenging viscosities and API gravities.

    The DVS design is horizontal, single stage, double suction, double volute, and horizontally split between bearings. Key features include suction and volute channels that are specially shaped to maximize uniform flow while avoiding recirculation and friction losses. The advanced impeller design also minimizes vane and disk friction losses, and optimizes blade loading.

    Our DVS pumps have passed the stringent qualification process for GE’s ecomagination program, which certifies them as products that have both operational and environmental benefits. Running at full capacity for a year, one new DVS centrifugal pipeline pump can save the energy equivalent to the electricity consumed annually by over 200 U.S. homes, while pumping the volume equivalent of an Olympic-size swimming pool every 16 minutes.


    Water/oil pipeline

    Ammine process

    Main oil pumps onshore/offshore

    Generic high flow transfer

    Technical Specifications


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