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Covering production, gas transportation, refinery and petrochemical, fuel gas boosting and other similar processes

  • Our industry milestones include the first high-pressure compressors for ammonia and urea plants, the most powerful compressors for offshore applications (over 30,000 HP) and re-injection compressors with delivery pressures as high as 10,000 psi (700 bar). We continually invest to improve compression technologies through extensive research and development, advanced design capabilities, modern manufacturing techniques and extensive operating data from installations in every corner of the industry. We also provide expert on-site technical support for installation, commissioning, overhaul, repair and maintenance activities – with teams of highly skilled and experienced Field Service Engineers close to our customers in every region.

    BCL, RB, VH series

    These compressors are designed to cover a wide range of applications and pressures, and they are particularly well suited for sour gas and high-pressure re-injection. Casings can be rolled steel or forged with one or two end covers bolted or secured by shear rings. When practical, diaphragms are 100% machined for improved performance. Radial and thrust bearings are tilting-pad type, and active magnetic bearings are available. End seals are dry-gas type, and other sealing solutions are also available. In addition to conventional labyrinths, inter-stage seals can be abradable or honeycomb to optimize overall machine performance. In-line, back-to-back or double-flow configurations are also available. Our optimized material selection is based on extensive experience in sour and acid gas applications.

    MCL / V series

    MCL compressors are available in several sizes and pressure ratings, with casings and diaphragms in either cast iron, cast steel or fabricated. Impellers and diffusers are selected from a wide range of standard stages according to application and desired performance. Radial and thrust bearings are tilting-pad type, and shaft-end seals are mainly dry gas seals but can be labyrinths or oil film seals. Inter-stage leakages are controlled by labyrinths (static or rotating) or abradable seals.

    For very high flows, our double-flow (DMCL) models allows casing size and speed to remain within an acceptable range to couple the compressor to drivers and/or other compressor casings. Our double-stage (2MCL) models are designed for applications where intermediate cooling or two separate compression stages are required. These compressors have the same general features as MCL units, but with two compression stages in a back-to-back arrangement. Additional side stream nozzles can be provided with the 3MCL model for special requirements such as propane in LNG plants and other refrigeration applications. All connections can be oriented upward or downward to meet plant layout needs.

    SRL series

    These integrally geared compressors are used in several petrochemical applications with a wide variety of gases and either low-flow/high pressure or high-flow/low pressure conditions. This type of compressor has a bull gear and from one to four high-speed pinions. One or two impellers can be mounted on each pinion shaft. Optimal impeller speed and the ability to inter-cool compression stages guarantee very high efficiency. Rugged mechanical design delivers very high reliability and easy maintenance.

    SRL / DH series

    These compressors are used mainly as boosters in petrochemical applications or for recycle in polypropylene and polyethylene plants. The single-stage overhung configuration is simple and easy to maintain. Almost all gases can be handled by this type of compressor with appropriate material selection and seal systems.

    AN series

    With high efficiency and a broad operating range, these axial compressors are designed for high-volume, low-pressure applications. An external, fabricated horizontally split casing holds an inner stator blade carrier. The first stator blading rows are adjustable by external devices for better performance control and broader operability. The number of blade rows is variable to better fit the process needs. Both rotor and stator blades are robustly designed for optimum aerodynamic and mechanical behavior. Radial and thrust bearings are of tilting-pad type. Shaft-end seals can be labyrinths, either with extraction or buffer systems, oil film seals or dry seals, depending on service requirements. All connections can be oriented upward or downward to meet plant layout needs.


    We support our compressors throughout the plant lifecycle with traditional offerings such as OEM spare parts, repairs and field services, as well as an extensive range of proactive services, including condition-based maintenance, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and highly customizable contractual service agreements (CSAs) – all to help drive customer asset value through higher equipment reliability, availability and productivity.


    GE’s Repair Technology Center of Excellence in Florence is constantly developing new and more advanced repair techniques for oil and gas applications. We employ the latest innovations including Advanced Welding & Brazing, ACR Cleaning and Advanced Metallurgy to ensure the highest quality restoration of parts available in the industry. We also draw on the diverse technologies and methods from across the entire GE organization, resulting in repair solutions that help customers reduce costs and downtime by considerably extending the life of components in high-wear conditions. All workshops in our global network use the same innovative technologies and high standards. No matter where your site is located, you will never have to compromise repair quality.

    Spare parts

    Using genuine GE parts is a best-maintenance practice and key factor in protecting and improving the availability and reliability of your GE rotating and static equipment over the entire lifecycle. Other parts available in the market are not comparable to GE’s OEM parts, because ours are not just designed to replace current parts – but often to enhance machine performance. We guarantee superb quality and always incorporate the most advanced materials, innovative metallurgical techniques, and aeroderivative designs developed at the GE Global Research Center. Our parts services include e-Catalog for easy 24/7 online part identification and request for quotation; inventory management for spare, interchangeable and obsolete parts; spare parts optimizing services; and lifecycle optimization for your equipment.

    Field Services

    Highly qualified, well-planned maintenance is fundamental in order to get consistently high performance and long life from your machinery. GE’s expert teams can be quickly mobilized to deliver the highest quality service anywhere in the world. We provide expert service for all GE products, including: heavy-duty and aeroderivative machinery, gas and steam turbines, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, and Speedtronic control panels. We invest significant resources to train, evaluate and enhance the knowledge and skills of our people. Our Field Engineers are also supported by the specialized resources of our Engineering Division for more detailed analysis of field data, additional evaluation of maintenance alternatives, and various other optimization procedures. This level of advanced engineering support makes the difference between satisfactory and exceptional results.


    Performance improvement and uprate

    New internals can significantly increase efficiency (up to 8%), flow rate (up to 50%) and/or polytropic head. Our re-bundle cartridge approach permits the existing casing to be reused, thereby minimizing the impact on the plant layout foundations or piping. Impellers and stators are chosen from our standardized families of predesigned and verified components, or may be customized for an individual application. All components are designed in compliance with API codes and our rigorous internal standards. Components that are not already regulated by codes are designed to the highest engineering standards. Component designs are verified by Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and model testing where necessary.

    Seal gas booster system

    The installation of a seal gas booster allows the compressor to be kept pressurized after a trip, while the DGS remains correctly buffered and ready to be restarted. Our patented seal gas booster system assures a positive flow of clean, dry seal gas to the DGS during a compressor shutdown. Heavy HC seal gas booster systems can also be equipped with an electric heater to prevent expansion of the gas within the seals from creating a condensation condition. The simple and ruggedly designed system consists of a reciprocating pump driven by two instrument air actuated pistons. The booster is provided with a purged stainless steel enclosure with a stainless steel pneumatic circuit and is installed on a skid. This enclosure protects the booster from adverse environment conditions such as high humidity and sandstorms.

    New tertiary seals

    The new seal system is based on Halar® ECTFE abradable technology (a semi-crystalline polymer for high reliability and performance) developed by BHGE and GE Global Research. This system has been proven in harsh and challenging environments, and can be applied in very dry nitrogen conditions including LNG applications. The basic design of the new seal incorporates a stationary component that is abraded by a corresponding rotating part, which creates the tighter clearances required for reducing gas leakage. The abradable labyrinth solution can be retrofitted with no modification to existing compressor parts. The tertiary contact carbon rings sleeve and housing will be replaced by a toothed sleeve and abradable stator components.

    Dry gas seal (DGS) retrofit

    The sealing of rotating components is one of the critical areas of centrifugal compressor design.

    Shaft seals are used to prevent process flow leakage to the atmosphere and are needed to assure compliance with environmental regulations and personnel safety. Compressors equipped with oil film seals can be upgraded with a dry gas seal (DGS) system, and DGS retrofit packages can be offered for the majority of centrifugal compressor applications. As an original compressor manufacturer BHGE, is ideally equipped to evaluate rotordynamic behavior and find the correct corrections to make the upgrading feasible and safe.


    Operations and maintenance training can be provided either at the client’s site or at the GE’s Learning Center in Florence, Italy. Instructors are field-seasoned experts who combine their understanding of theory with practical, in-field operating experience. The quality training that they provide is a prerequisite for improving the skills of operating and maintenance personnel, to ensure safety and superior equipment efficiency and availability. Courses and documentation are designed to meet customer needs – focusing on the GE machinery and equipment actually installed at their sites. Traditional training tools are augmented with computer-based training and interactive multimedia technology. Courses and technical literature can be provided in a variety of languages.

    Predictivity™ Solutions

    BHGE Predictivity™ is a complete package of industrial internet solutions that give you data-driven insights on everything from individual pieces of equipment to your overall operating efficiency and performance – all to enable better decision-making. The goal is to advance your assets, operations and networks toward zero unplanned downtime and fully optimized uptime. Suddenly, all of the dots are connected. Momentum-breaking barriers fall away. You have visibility into the past, transparency in the present and clarity about the future. Our solutions enable you to improve productivity and achieve other business goals across multiple assets, facilities and networks. Service modules include Condition-Based Maintenance, Remote Tuning, Trip Reduction Program, and Advisory Monitoring & Diagnostics.

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