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Efficient Energy for Industrial Latin America

MEXICO CITY, SAO PAULO AND BUENOS AIRES - September 7, 2018 - BHGE introduced cutting-edge technology that meets the new demands of the industrial space in 3 events held in September across Latin America. The NovaLT family of gas turbines were presented in Mexico City (Mexico), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) as a solution to support cogeneration, one of the most effective ways to achieve energy efficiency, setting new standards and providing longer uptime. The innovative technology and equipment were showcased by TPS experts who explained all the details and specifics of this solution.

“BHGE has developed the NovaLT sub-20 MW gas turbine family designed for the highest efficiency in this power class and lowest total cost of ownership. This is a technology with a package designed to meet the needs of applications in different industrial segments, such as paper and pulp, cement, sugar, etc. and we are very excited about entering the market here in Latin America” – says Duccio Manetti, TPS Demand Generation & Commercialization Manager. More than 200 executives and technicians of all those businesses were represented at the events, along with from other industries, including mining, food and beverage, rubber and steel.

Opening speeches were introduced by government representatives as subjects on cogeneration were conducted by speakers from TPS headquarters in Florence, as well as regional commercial leaders from BHGE. The participants had also the opportunity to experience costumer training with a Virtual Reality experience, where they were able to see the details of the technology that owns 3D printed components, which reduces complexity during development. While in Europe this solution is already commonly practiced, in Latin America it is a disruptive form of production. All those who experimented were impressed with the experience.

The NovaLT Turbines can support cogeneration, providing 58% decreasing in energy costs and promoting a 30% decline in gas emissions. Among the key benefits, it runs from 3 to 4 years on a continuous basis, offering a significant increase in reliability to minimize maintenance charges and decrease energy costs by 58%. From the combined heat and power (CHP) system the waste gas turbine heat will be recovered and used to save fuel, reduce gas emissions by 30% and generate additional energy.