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Safety Leadership

HOUSTON - September 25, 2018. BHGE recently took home the Safety Leadership Award at the Center for Offshore Safety (COS) 2018 Safety Forum. The award highlights new and successful efforts to reduce risk in the industry.

Recognized as an innovative approach to HSE, BHGE’s Threat Response Drills (TRD) engage the entire work crew to self-test their ability to detect and avert the early warning signals that could lead to an unplanned and/or uncontrolled release or loss of well control, yielding a higher degree of risk prevention. They are unique in that the approach focuses on the proactive and preventative side of risk assessment as opposed to reactive response to an event. Ensuring that crews are adept in recognizing, understanding and responding to weak signals and critical risks, drives safety assurance and operational readiness at the wellsite. This, in turn, optimizes crew response capability and minimizes human error.

The Process Safety Team initially developed the drills in collaboration with the Coiled Tubing operations team due to their stringent requirements on well control equipment and well control emergency responses. The TRDs are modular and flexible using the risk profile of the product line to match risks directly to the drills. They begin with routine aspects of running a job and escalate into critical risks to well control. After the pilot phase with the Coiled Tubing product line, the concept was then duplicated across the other Oilfield Services operations. Since its launch in late 2016, the statistical data has shown tangible benefits in operational and HSE performance. On well sites where these collaborative drills were conducted, no well control incidents occurred at those locations, demonstrating the benefit of Threat Response Drills to the industry.

The Process Safety Team will continue to enhance and use the TRD concepts and methodology across BHGE, using Augmented Reality to deploy these drills in a real world digital landscape with gamified and haptic technology. BHGE has shared Threat Response Drills widely and globally with major industry customers both downstream and midstream, positioning us, once again as an industry leader in HSE innovation.

This is the second year in a row that BHGE has taken home the award, as our What Lies Beneath series won first place last year for its innovative approach to Human Factors and Human Performance.

This award represents our outstanding contribution to advancing safety in the industry, and the step change we are creating in our own journey to make every day a Perfect HSE Day.