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Materials Laboratory at Texas A&M University

COLLEGE STATION - October 2, 2018 - Inside the newly renovated 525,000 square feet Zachry Engineering Education Complex are 30,000 square feet of multidisciplinary laboratories, offering students hands-on learning space. These learning laboratories will be common lab spaces, which are flexible, shared spaces that ensure the facility can be utilized efficiently; equipment duplication is minimized; and practice lab space is available more often and to more students. These multidisciplinary labs will accommodate more than 50 courses each semester.

On the first floor located at the base of the staircase in the atrium is the Baker Hughes Foundation Materials Laboratory. As with the other labs, ours offers a modern infrastructure, including overhead service carriers (120-volt and 240-volt power, data, compressed air, water and specialty gases) distributed throughout the space. Movable workbenches and seating allowing easy reconfiguration of the space. Engineering students from various disciplines will work side by side within our lab fostering collaboration.

The multidisciplinary and shared nature of these labs represent a paradigm shift from the previous laboratory structure at Texas A&M and used by other universities. In addition to efficient use of space and equipment, common labs also provide greater instructor and student access to a larger variety of laboratory equipment, increasing experiential learning opportunities.