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API 618 Process Compressors

API 618 Process Compressors

10 proven and highly efficient frame designs covering a power range of 100 kW to 41 MW and pressure capabilities up to 800 bar. They provide the perfect mix of high reliability and low maintenance.

Flexible modular designs for long-term reliability and minimized costs

  • After more than 80 years of industry-leading performance, BHGE’s API618 compressors are renowned for low pulsation and vibration — which translates directly to exceptional efficiency, smooth operation, low maintenance and low power consumption. They are used across a wide range of refinery, petrochemical and natural gas applications — including LDPE, hydrocracking, ammonia, refrigeration, re-injection and gas lift.

    Our proven modular design allows for 1 to 10 cylinders on a single frame, with a cylinder size of up to 1,250 mm. Machines range from 100 kW up to 40 MW, with pressure capabilities up to 800 bar. There are 10 models to choose from with designs and materials optimized for each application including a fully balanced crank mechanism specifically designed for offshore applications.

    No matter what the application or unique site challenges, we can supply a fully integrated solution including motor, vessels, piping, supports and control panel.

    Performance Table


    * at max. speed and max. number of cylinders

    **Number of cylinders. Up to 12 cylinders in a single frame

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API 618 Process Compressors

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